Is Micro-Needling Safe and Effective for Stretch Marks?

Is Micro-Needling Safe and Effective for Stretch Marks?


Defeating those villainous stretch marks would turn you into Wonder Woman in your clients’ eyes – is micro-needling a viable new power?

As a beauty therapist, many of your clients already think of you as a super hero. Whether transforming damaged skin or making unwanted hair disappear, you have the almost ‘magical’ power to change your clients’ mood, very quickly, with your skill, knowledge, equipment and products.

You can add to this the latest technology, in the form of micro-needling, to help defeat one of the most merciless villains of women’s body confidence– unsightly stretch marks.

When it comes to micro-needling and stretch marks there are five key points, to help you decide if this is a super power you want to include in your ‘superhero arsenal’ (and salon).

1. What Is Skin Needling?
Skin needling is an efficient, quick and painless way to, among other things, increase natural collagen and promote scar-less healing. For example, Equipmed’s Dermapen3 uses multiple needles at varying speeds and adjustable needle depths, to pierce the skin at 90 degrees, at a rate of 1296 holes per second – roughly 1 million holes per treatment.

Dermapen’s (AOVN) Advanced oscillating vertical needling delivery system, glides over the skin to create tiny sub-cutaneous channels, which the body perceives as mini wounding. The body then releases those all-important healing qualities and is stimulated to trigger the production of collagen and elastin.

2. Why This Works On Stretch Marks
Stretch marks form, as a result of internal dermal tearing, and considering micro-needling works to promote inner healing of the dermis and produce extra collagen, it’s no wonder it works effectively on acne scars, sun damage, and, yes, stretch marks.

3. Is it Safe?
With the right technology, micro-needling is painless and safe for your clients. Dermapen3 utilises a vertical needle delivery system with fast oscillation, diffusing nerve receptors to prevent pain. Needling will penetrate scar tissue, providing fractional rejuvenation for improved healing, with no risk of cross-infection due to the device’s sterile single use needles.

4. What This Will Mean For Your Clients
Anyone can experience stretch marks, and it’s safe to say your clients going through weight loss or gain, pregnancy or other changes in their body despise these unwelcome visitors. Micro-needling, a safe answer that is more potent than creams without being invasive, will be deemed priceless by your long-suffering clients.

5. What This Will Mean For Your Salon
Stretch marks are one of your clients’ worst nightmares. Make your salon the one to visit, the salon that can successfully reduce the appearance of stretch marks from your client’s skin, adding to your reputation, increasing loyalty, and, of course, increasing client traffic.

Your salon will become known as the best evil villain-vanquisher this side of Krypton.

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