Leading NY Aesthetician, Julie Lindh, Now Offering Dermapen in her Skin Fitness Plans

Leading NY Aesthetician, Julie Lindh, Now Offering Dermapen in her Skin Fitness Plans


Dermapen advanced skin needling is now being used by leading NY aesthetician, Julie Lindh, in her famous skin treatment program, Skin Fitness Level IV Menu.

Based in both NYC and Stockholm, world-renowned aesthetician Julie Lindh is now offering Dermapen as part of her four-part Skin Fitness treatment. Her Skin Fitness treatment programs are individualised, holistic skincare plans that include products, treatments, facial exercises and lifestyle changes. The plans aim to correct and rejuvenate old, dull and tired skin.

Lindh has been one of the practitioners trialing Dermapen since it came out in October 2011, and is now a staunch advocate of the device:

“After using the Dermapen, in combination with my Skin Fitness Level 4 facial, an overwhelming majority of my patients have noticed dramatic improvements in their skin texture, appearance of lines and skin elasticity. I’m excited to permanently add Dermapen to my service offerings.”

Lindh is pairing Dermapen with a complementary cell booster technique which feeds nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. She recommends a minimum of 2-3 Dermapen treatments to achieve noticeable effects, and 5-6 to achieve optimal results. Lindh plans to offer Dermapen in her Manhattan and Stockholm offices, as well as through Skin Fitness program licensees.

Dermapen stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin with its unique vertical needling action, with far less patient pain and downtime than with dermarollers. It’s safe and effective to use in traditionally hard-to-treat areas, such as around the eyes, and boosts the delivery of active ingredients to the deeper layer of the dermis.

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Equipmed was established in Australia in 1984, and has grown into a significant, independent distributor of innovative cosmetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiological equipment. The global reach of the company now extends to New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Julie Lindh

World-renowned aesthetician Julie Lindh is a renowned skin care expert. With her uniquely innovative four-phase approach towards skin care, Julie helps patients achieve and maintain clear, glowing and radiant skin, making it easy to understand why some devotees call her “the healer”.

Lindh’s skincare philosophy is based on a belief that treatment is unique to each skin profile. The services offered in her NYC and Sweden based offices are customised, and are provided only after Lindh completes a full skin analysis of each patient. She also travels the world to cater to clientele, including A-list celebrities, socialites and high-end day spas.

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