What Do Skin Rejuvenation Patients Actually Want?

What Do Skin Rejuvenation Patients Actually Want?


Aesthetic practitioners want to provide their patients with the types of treatments they want, when they want it and how they want it. If their patients are happier with their treatment, they will want to return for more. So what does the typical skin rejuvenation patient look for in a treatment?

Skin rejuvenation is a very popular option these days. Skin rejuvenation basically resurfaces skin, or improves texture, clarity and overall appearance. It can treat static and dynamic wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, vascular conditions and loss of skin tone. Skin rejuvenation is a more cost-effective and faster way to look younger and rejuvenated, than traditional cosmetic surgery procedures.

What skin rejuvenation patients are looking for

Skin rejuvenation patients generally want:

  • Fast treatments
  • Lasting and effective treatments
  • Painless treatments
  • Little downtime or no downtime

This is because people are much busier these days, and do not always have the time to recuperate from major surgical procedures. Ideally they want a treatment that can be done at lunchtime, during the working week. They do not want painful treatments with severe side effects and long downtimes. But they do also want their treatments to make a clear, lasting improvement to their appearance.

Skin rejuvenation modalities

There are a number of ways to provide non-surgical skin rejuvenation in your clinic. Skin rejuvenation can be performed using lasers, IPL, chemical peels and skin needling. Chemical peels, lasers and IPL skin rejuvenation can all involve considerable downtime and side effects. Dermarollers, a traditional form of skin needling, can be painful for patients and cause injury to the skin.


Dermapen is a more advanced form of skin needling, providing fast, effective skin rejuvenation treatments that involve far less patient pain, bleeding and downtime than dermarollers.

This is because Dermapen employs a unique vertical needling technology that pierces skin at 90 degrees. Its treatments are far more effective because it can treat hard-to-reach and delicate areas, and can easily penetrate scar tissue.

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