Another Way With TATT2AWAY

Another Way With TATT2AWAY


Another Way With TATT2AWAY

TATT2AWAY uses a macro-fractional technique called trans epidermal pigment release (TEPR) and naturally occurring lactic acid to remove an unwanted tattoo.

Working with 5mm dot areas at a time, medical grade micro-needles facilitate the penetration of the lactic acid, which creates a partial thickness injury and draws the tattoo pigment to the surface of the skin.

The dermis rapidly forms a scab that includes the tattoo pigment. The body’s natural healing takes over, and in two weeks that section of the tattoo falls away, revealing clear skin underneath.

A major advantage of the TATT2AWAY system is its ability to target all pigment colours. Tattoo removal laser are pigment-colour-specific, so they can only remove a limited range of ink. In most cases, lighter coloured pigment can never be removed, leaving a shadowy reminder of the tattoo and unsatisfied clients.

TATT2AWAY can treat all coloured tattoos but it can’t treat patients who are a Fitzpatrick skin Type 3 or above, as these skin types are often more prone to hypo-pigmentation.

On average, TATT2WAY tattoo removal can be achieved in just four – six, 30-45 minute treatment sessions, 12 weeks apart (average size of tattoo 12.5 x 12.5 cm).

Contraindications include patients who are pregnant, patients who have demonstrated an allergy to lactic acid, skin Types 3 and above (as more prone to scarring and pigmentation), ankles, toes, wrists, fingers, face, patients prone to scarring, keloid scarring, or if tattoo already has a lot of scar tissue as a result of the tattoo. In addition, if post care instructions are not adhered to strictly, there is the risk of infection.

TATT2AWAY is said to be less painful than traditional tattoo removal methods. In most cases, the practitioner will use a topical cream to numb the area being treated to make the patient more comfortable. Since only four 30-minute treatments are required on average for complete removal, it can be a far more cost-effective and efficient way to remove tattoos.

TATT2AWAY treatments are only available in leading medical centres, cosmetic salons and spas where staff members have been certified in the correct application of the technique.

For more information on TATT2AWAY, contact your Equipmed Representative today on:
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Feature article in Professional Beauty Magazine Sep-Oct 2012

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