Equipment Survey Results: 3

Equipment Survey Results: 3


The comprehensiveness of staff training provided by an equipment supplier can make or break the decision of a salon owner torn between purchasing from multiple suppliers. In our survey, the overwhelming majority of respondents, at 99 per cent, said the staff training they provide is an important factor.

Kane Hammond, director of The Global Beauty Group agrees, “Training should be considered extremely important to all salon, spa and clinic owners that want to ensure their clients are provided with the highest levels of professionalism, care, safety and results when they make the positive decision to visit their premises and consent to treatment. Generally, we get one opportunity to have a lasting impact on the customer and this impact most certainly takes place during their first visit to your business. Therefore, it is imperative that each staff member assigned to deliver a particular treatment is well versed with the treatment and attains a thorough understanding of any contraindications that may exist.”

Whether or not it should be the same person providing the training for staff members, 67 per cent answered yes, this is highly important, 26 per cent said it is important and 7 per cent answered not very important.

Fifty two per cent of respondents said their staff training lasts 1 to 7 days, 33 per cent’s last just one day and the minority, at 15 per cent, have training that takes place over seven days or more.

When it comes to training duration, Stene Marshall, CEO of Equipmed said, "Every company requires different training. It really depends on the type of product or equipment the therapist is being trained in. Some can be done in a day or one training session; others may need three-seven days for more intense training. We customise the training on a per clinic basis depending on their requirements. This may mean in-clinic training sessions or group event training days. There isn't a limit to training. If our therapists are well-educated they will be successful and if they are successful we'll be successful."

Kane adds that The Global Beauty Group also encourage therapists to spend the necessary time after training, performing “practice” treatments on their newly purchased device(s) before opening up treatments to their clients and the general public. This way, they can treat with absolute confidence.

Those surveyed said most of their clients (82 per cent) are not specific when it comes to which brand of equipment is used on them rating results and procedure over brand.

Some of the most popular equipment services included microdermabrasion, IPL, electrolysis and light therapy treatments.

Salon owners also need to be able to demonstrate to their insurer that a thorough and well-designed training program has been completed by each of their staff who plan to treat with the device.


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