Sweeping away the SIGNS OF AGEING

Sweeping away the SIGNS OF AGEING


Sweeping away the

By Andrew Christie

With microdermabrasion being the number one salon treatment performed worldwide, industry expert Andrew Christie, explores its origins and how Equipmed have revolutionised clinical resurfacing with Dermasweep.


Recorded methods of skin abrasion date back as far as 1500BCE where ancient Egyptians utilised a form of sandpaper (manufactured out of gypsum and calcite particles) to reduce the appearance of facial scarring. As exfoliation developed through the ages (including deadly lead and mercury powders mixed with vinegar in the renaissance), controlled skin resurfacing in a medical environment did not occur until the early 20th century. In 1905, German dermatologist Dr Ernst Kromayer engineered a device of rotating wheels and rasps to abrasively refine the skin. Needless to say this archaic contraption was painful, unpredictable and limited in what it could achieve. Developments in the 1950's where motorised wire brushes were buffed over the skin further supported the gruesome reputation of medical skin resurfacing with a general anaesthetic required, a recovery of 1-2 months, the development of infection and a high risk of scar tissue formation during the healing process.

Modern microdermabrasion as we know it was developed in 1985 by Italian doctors Mattioli and Brutto who created a machine that offered non-abrasive resurfacing which simultaneously vacuumed away exfoliated skin and debris without pain, discomfort, downtime or the risk of infection or scarring. As this non-invasive technology started to grow within the dermatological market in the late 1980s, it was its subsequent introduction into the professional beauty market in the mid 1990s that created a phenomenon superseding facials, chemical peels and the need for consumers to seek dermatologist intervention for their skin concerns.


With traditional microdermabrasion now 30 year old technology, Equipmed have redefined skin corrective treatments with Dermasweep MD – the world's first bristle tip microdermabrasion with simultaneous infusion of treatment solutions to reveal an instantly refreshed, revived and rejuvenated complexion. The combination of variable level vacuum system with an assortment of treatment tips, only Dermasweep MD offers three individual precision levels of non-invasive abrasion. With the addition of a luxurious silk tip allows further infusion of skin specific solutions whilst polishing the skin to a flawless finish.

Lisa Duane RN from Melbourne's Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Toorak explains:
"The first level of Dermasweep MD is a Dry Microdermabrasion that provides a gentle exfoliation of the epidermis using specialised nylon bristles. Not only are surface residue, debris and dulling skin flakes removed, but the skin is prepped for further treatment that goes beyond a standard micro. Patients comment how instantly smooth their skin appears without the usual irritation associated with many exfoliating procedures".

Dermasweep's MD Level 2 is an Epi-Infused Microdermabrasion that combines the dermal infusion of topical serums. "I love the adaptability of the infusion serums" reveals Lisa, "Each Dermasweep MD treatment becomes a unique and customised experience for the patient and enables me to target skin concerns precisely. Whilst the Vitamin C is a universal favourite as an anti-ageing antidote, with summer and the social season fast approaching, the Hyaluronic Acid infusion provides an instantly plumped and hydrated result with restored volume and vitality".

Dermasweep MD's Level 3 is a Hydro Assisted Dermabrasion that incorporates a non-invasive surgical grade stainless steel bristle with an adjustable vacuum pressure. "This allows us to go beyond basic microdermabrasion providing more than just a very superficial exfoliation. Ageing, pigmentation, breakouts and even dehydration are all actively targeted and corrected for long lasting results patients can see, touch and feel".

Dermasweep MD offers a variety of different treatment tips providing an aesthetic solution for every skin and every body. With 3 gradient levels of facial abrasion, including the silk tip for skin polishing (a pre-event must-have) and also an optional stainless steel tip for medical dermabrasion.

Corri Matthews the Australasia Director of Cosmeceuticals for Equipmed states; "The patented design of the nylon bristles, combined with its variable level vacuum, results in a number of advantages over crystal and diamond tip microdermabrasion. The added feature of an infusion system also goes beyond many devices on the market that simply flush the skin with plain water".

Dermasweep MD offers a Lightening Serum to address hyper-pigmentation, Glycolic Acid for an intense cleansed skin surface and Aloe Vera for inflamed conditions. "The Salicylic Acid infusion is highly effective for problematic and breakout prone skins delivering fast results" explains Corri, "Whilst the Balancing Serum promotes repair and restores normalised function to environmentally stressed complexions". There are also additional body probes available to treat larger areas on the body such as stretch marks


  • Complete treatment depth control
  • No keratin build up on bristle tips
  • A far more comfortable treatment compared to traditional microdermabrasion
  • A no scratch finish
  • No to minimal downtime
  • Customised serum infusion
  • A unique patient experience that delivers comfort, results and active skin correction
  • Safely & effectively treats active acne

Corri continues: "The versatile bristle tips and high powered vacuum give unparalleled flexibility in treatment options. This flexibility is important because not everybody has the same skin type, sensitivity or condition. All basic microdermabrasion appears to provide is a one-size-fits-all exfoliation where only the depth can be controlled. It is very operator dependant."

The Dermasweep MD crystal and diamond tip free technology removes the mess, residue and scratching so often associated with traditional machines. The patented bristles actually allow a deeper, yet less aggressive exfoliation that physically oscillates impurities from pores whilst simultaneously refining and smoothing the skin. Each individual bristle tip lasts up to 400 treatments and may be used wet or dry. Corri jokes, "The Dermasweep MD is like a year round spring clean for the skin, it mops, vacuums then polishes for a platinum shine and finish".

As the next generation of skin exfoliation, the Dermasweep MD enables progressive treatment within a prescribed skin programme. "I often start patients with a wet Dermabrasion where they start seeing how fast and dramatic the results are, then I graduate clients to a dermal infusion resurfacing as part of a treatment course" says Lisa Duane.

Corri Mathews recommends Dermasweep MD within a course of 6-8 treatments repeated annually. "Many clients often book in for a Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C infusion prior to a special event or party. We had one client in Melbourne booked solidly for 4 weeks prior to the Logies just performing Dermasweep MD treatments for countless celebrities wanting their skin to receive the magic touch. With no down-time, this lunch-time procedure re-energises the most fatigued and weary of skins." Used in combination with Dermapen's Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle technology, Dermasweep MD and Equipmed offer a synergy of solutions for the health and longevity of the most important skin – YOURS.

Andrew Christie
Director of Lip Service Consulting
Ph 0405 145 514
'For more information on the Dermasweep MD special offer Ph 1300 668 755

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